The new Android version of Shazam lets you access the features you need even faster

30 January 2017
One of the oldest and most popular services for the recognition of musical compositions - Shazam - has received another update. Perhaps the most interesting innovation is the ability to get quick access to a number of functions of the official Android application by long pressing on its icon.By performing the above steps, the user will have access to three options: Visual Shazam, Auto Shazam and Shazamit. The first of them allows scanning Shazam codes from all sorts of magazines, from advertising posters, as well as other objects. Tapping on "Auto Shazam" activates the auto search function, which you have to launch the main application to disable. It's worth adding that the new features are designed for users of mobile devices running Android 7.1, which has support for this function, similar in functionality to 3D Touch in gadgets from Apple. But, as we know, if there is a will, there is a way. Those whose mobile devices will not receive updates to Nougat, you need only to install a launcher that has support for long press on icons, for example - Nova Launcher. The new Shazam features will then be available to them as well.