Yandex has released a light version of its browser for Android gadgets

30 June 2017
Surely many people have already tried Yandex.Browser on their computer or smartphone and may have opted for it. Indeed, this browser has a simple and convenient interface and a fairly good set of features. However, it is difficult to use such programs on outdated mobile devices. Therefore, Yandex experts have released a new, lighter version of the browser.First of all, the program, named "Yandex.Browser Lite" boasts a very small size. The installation file of the program takes only 850 Kb, which makes it possible to use the new browser even on low-memory gadgets. Despite the fact that most of the functions have been removed from the light version, it is still as easy to use as the full version. So, you can still enter search queries directly in the address bar, save your favorite sites in the visual bookmarks panel, as well as get personalized recommendations "Zen". Also, it's worth noting the low RAM consumption and low power consumption. On the other hand, the browser does not support traffic compression functions and does not have a built-in tool to block ads, unlike the light version of another popular browser - Opera Mini. Many of those who have already tried Yandex.Browser Lite are confident that these features will be implemented in the upcoming updates. Yandex.Browser Lite is already available for users of Android gadgets. Whether it is worth waiting for the release of a version for iOS gadgets is still unknown.