Qualcomm unveiled technology to scan fingerprints through gadget displays

29 June 2017
At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2017, the company Qualcomm presented a new technology for scanning fingerprints.It is reported that fingerprint scanners, made using the new technology, will be installed directly inside the body of mobile devices. At the same time, such sensors will be able to scan with fingerprint registration and matching through OLED displays up to 1200 microns thick, as well as glass surfaces up to 800 microns, or aluminum - up to 650 microns. The new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint - Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor, also boasts gesture detection capabilities, work under water and bring the gadget from hibernation mode. In addition, the scanner will have an integrated heart rate detector with the ability to measure blood flow. This will help bring biometric identification on mobile gadgets to a new level. It is worth adding that for gadget manufacturers, Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensor devices will be available by the end of 2017. The release of the first devices with the new scanners on the market is expected in the first half of next year.