Telegram blocking in Russia is cancelled due to the requirements of Roskomnadzor

29 June 2017
In recent days, Telegram users and other non-indifferent people have been cautiously awaiting the possible blocking of the messenger. Many were already prepared for the worst, but it seems that the service's registration data were nevertheless included in Roskomnadzor's registry. Thus, the blocking will not happen, at least for some time.On his page in the social network VKontakte, Pavel Durov said that he had nothing against the transfer of the registration data of the company that owns Telegram, in order to enter them into the register of Roskomnadzor. The creator of the messenger was forced to change his decision by the words of the head of the agency that the set requirements do not imply obtaining access to personal correspondence of users. All that was required from the Telegram administration - was to fill out a questionnaire with the data, which was freely available in public sources. In this case, Durov stressed that he had no objections to the use of the company's registration data in the registry, provided that the regulator's wishes were really limited to that. The messenger administration still refuses to comply with the "Yarovaya Law", which is technically unrealizable and anti-constitutional, as the Telegram creator described it. At the same time, Durov noted that the Telegram team is ready to continue cooperating at the same level as in other countries. This means continuing to block materials that promote terrorism, drugs, call for violence, as well as child pornography. Thus, Telegram fans may not be afraid of being blocked in our country for some time yet. Nevertheless, it is impossible to say with certainty that talk of this will not resume after some time, especially given the refusal of the messenger administration to give the authorities the keys to decrypt users' messages.