Evernote app will be unavailable for Windows Phone users this week

28 June 2017
Unpleasant news for all Windows Phone users. In the near future, the official Evernote application will be removed from the application store.Despite the fact that Evernote service is used by a fairly large number of users, the version of the program for Windows Phone is not very popular. Therefore, the developers did not release any updates for several years and now they decided to stop supporting it. So starting from June 29 of this year it will be impossible to download Evernote from application store for Windows Phone. However, already installed versions of the program will continue to work. We should add that the owners of devices on Windows Phone are not alone in their misfortune. Along with them, owners of BlackBerry gadgets will lose access to the Evernote application. As for the versions of the program for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS - they will continue to work as usual.