Confidential Firefox Focus browser has a new engine and a number of other improvements

03 October 2018
Pleasant news for all users of the confidential mobile browser Mozilla Firefox Focus. The developers have released another update that will make using the program even more convenient and pleasant. The most noticeable change will be an improvement in the design of the program. The new version of Firefox Focus has new icons, improved address bar and simplified settings menu. The interface has been "adjusted" to comply with the recently released Android Pie or iOS 12, depending on the platform.In addition, the Android version of the application has support for search suggestions that will help you to find the necessary information on the web faster. The developers did not forget about the iPhone owners. In Firefox Focus for iOS there is support for Siri shortcuts. This means that users can automate logging in to their favorite websites, launching the browser and even clearing browsing history. Also, on both platforms, users will receive helpful tips when launching the program. However, on iOS this feature is only available in English for now. However, the main innovation of Firefox Focus for Android will be unnoticeable for ordinary users. The fact is that the program now runs on Mozilla's own mobile engine - GeckoView. At the moment, it does not bring any particular advantages, but according to the developers, it will be the foundation for many improvements in future releases of the browser. Everyone can try out the innovations personally. To do this, you must install the current version of Firefox Focus on your smartphone.