Major Android 7.1 update lets you block infected apps

11 July 2017
Experts from the website XDA Developers have discovered that Android 7.1 has been added a "panic mode", which is activated by quickly pressing the Back button four times. After activating this mode, the system goes to the home screen and closes all running applications. To activate "panic mode", you need to press the button rather quickly, about 0.3 seconds per press. This is done so that the system can understand if the user is really trying to activate this mode or just pressing "back" to return to the previous screen in the application. At first glance it may seem that this function does not make much sense. But in fact, it is very useful and appeared at just the right time. Various types of encryption ransomware appear and spread very quickly, and this applies not only to Windows, but also to Android. They encrypt user files and demand a ransom for them, without guaranteeing the return of the files after "buying" the decryption key. In theory, the new OS feature from Google should help users avoid locking their smartphone, which is usually caused by infection with such a virus. By quickly pressing the back button four times, the user will be able to close all running applications and go to the main screen, from where it will be possible to remove a suspicious application or install some anti-virus to clean the system. It is important to note that although this function was added with the last update, it is not active by default and must be enabled on the device. It has not yet been officially announced by Google, and it is likely that Android malware will learn how to bypass this mode in the future. So the company has only to improve smartphone protection mechanisms and take all possible measures to prevent infections as such.