Who is happier: Mac owners or PC owners?

30 November 2019

A curious study was conducted by IBM. It looked at statistics within the company. Specifically, data on employees using PCs and Macs. The results were interesting.

Image from jaywad.com

Windows computers need a large support department. Over 5,000 Macs are serviced by 1 specialist. For the sake of PCs, IBM maintains 22 people. The costs are corresponding.

Mac owners are also less likely to need third-party software. Such requests from them - 5% (versus 11% from Windows fans). In addition, Microsoft fans are 17% more likely to leave IBM.

Another fact: only 86% of employees successfully update Windows. The rest need help. In the case of macOS , there are fewer such requests. The new platform is easily adopted by 98% of Mac fans.

Image from technofaq.org

However, we should not draw global conclusions. These numbers apply only to IBM. In other corporations, the situation may be different.