The game Doom launched on an ancient camera

30 November 2019

The first Doom is not played on anything. Fans have ported the legendary shooter to dozens of devices. There are ports for the MacBook Pro touchbar, programmable calculators, and so on.

Digital cameras are no exception. One of them, the Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM, was used by a LazyGameReviews blogger. This camera is over 20 years old (it was released in 1998).

LazyGameReviews built Doom into the old gadget. Now owners of the Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM can have fun. The shooter, by the way, works great. See for yourself: watch the video shot by the enthusiast.

The Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM went for $999 at launch. That's fantastic money for 1998 (and even now it's worth enough to buy the latest iPhone).

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It has the right hardware for Doom. There is 8 MB of RAM and a PowerPC processor clocked at 66 MHz. There is a chip to output the sound. Gunshots, enemy screams are all in place.

A miniature color display is also available. It is controlled by a D-Pad. The Kodak Digital Science DC260 ZOOM is almost portable.

By the way, to make the experiment helped a special version of Doom. It is called Doom for Digital (or DOOMD for short).