An app that turns the iPhone into an iPod Classic has been created

29 November 2019

Missing the classic iPod? Alvin Hu too! A student from New York has developed an app for the iPhone. The program looks like the famous player - the interface is identical.

Image - @elvin_not_11

There's a wheel to control the music. Hu also implemented the Cover Flow feature. It is activated in the horizontal orientation. It's used to flip through the content in case you forgot.

Tony Fadell, who was responsible for the release of the iPod, loved the work. He noted Hu's video on his Twitter page. The decision was called a good cause for nostalgia.

Hu has been an Apple fan since he was a kid. Back then, he couldn't buy an iPhone, his family's income didn't allow it. Alvin consoled himself by drawing "apple" phones on boxes.

Image - @elvin_not_11

Now the guy got a moment of fame. Many world media outlets have written about his hobby. Everyone is waiting for him to put the software on the App Store. However, there are nuances.

It is doubtful that the novelty will pass Apple's censorship. The company will not let a patent infringer into the store. Hu has no rights to the UI from the iPod in any way.