Samsung smartphones now run computer games

27 November 2019

A full-fledged PES 2020 on your phone? It's quite real - for Samsung fans. The company has announced the availability of PlayGalaxy Link in Russia (as well as in Singapore, the UK, France, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy).

PlayGalaxy Link is Samsung's new streaming service. Earlier it was tested in South Korea and the United States. Today residents of other countries can try the service (list above).

PlayGalaxy Link streams games from computer to smartphone. Runs "heavy" things like Battlefield 5. They work on your PC, but are played on your handheld device.

It uses mobile internet or Wi-Fi connection. Delays and lags are minimal - thanks to technology P2P. There is no intermediary server. In addition, PlayGalaxy Link saves battery consumption.

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No more energy is wasted than when watching videos online. At least that's what Samsung claims. How wrong it is - we will find out after the first reviews.

PlayGalaxy Link consists of two applications. One is installed on the PC, the second - on the Galaxy Note10, Galaxy Note10+ and Galaxy S10. Unfortunately, other models are not supported.

However, the situation will improve in December. PlayGalaxy Link will be available on the Galaxy A90, Galaxy Note9, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Fold. About the rest of the devices Samsung is silent.

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