MediaTek unveils new mobile processor with 5G

27 November 2019

Generation 5 networks are just around the corner. In a year or two they will appear everywhere. But you don't have to wait for devices with 5G modems. By then there will be a lot of them.

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Is MediaTek ready for the 5G era? Yes - the Chinese company has announced an unusual chip. More specifically, a whole family of SoCs called Dimensity.

The first representative of the line is the Dimensity 1000 5G. It is created by 7 nm technology and pleases with 8 computing cores. The quartet in question is ARM Cortex-A55 (2.0 GHz) and ARM Cortex-A77 (2.6 GHz).

Special mention should be made of the built-in AI. APU 3.0 unit solves tasks designed for artificial intelligence. Its performance reaches 4.5 TOPS.

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The Dimensity 1000 5G is compatible with a resolution of 2520 by 1080 pixels. The ARM Mali-G77 MC9 gas pedal is responsible for the graphics. Forget about the brakes in games.

Gadget based on the Dimensity 1000 5G can be equipped with 16GB of RAM (LPDDR4x-1866). As for the cameras, the processor "pulls" a single 80 MP. There are no problems with dual ones either. The MediaTek product is capable of a combination of 32 MP + 16 MP.

In addition, the Dimensity 1000 5G offers an FM tuner, Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 (a/b/g/n/ac/ax). Speaking of 5G, SA and NSA type networks are supported.

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Maximum download speed is 4.7 Gbps. Transmission is a little slower - at 2.5 Gbps. Among other things, MediaTek has implemented Dual 5G SIM mode (ahead of the competition).

When will smartphones with Dimensity 1000 5G on board come out? Tentatively, in early 2020.