"Kaspersky Lab will create its own mobile OS

05 March 2019

"Kaspersky is working on its own operating system for cell phones. It will be based on the existing KasperskyOS.

It is assumed that the mobile OS will run on some gadgets. It is also supposed to work on smartphones.

The product that Kaspersky Lab is currently working on is still being tested. In the future, the product will be designed for two user groups: government agencies and large companies (import substitution and information security) and ordinary users (protection of personal data).

"Kaspersky Lab has applied for the current KasperskyOS to be added to the register of domestic software.

As it became known, the mobile operating system will be introduced before the end of 2019.

The company said that "this direction is interesting," and also did not deny rumors about the prospects. The management of the company said that it is planned to develop new areas of application.