As of May 31, Microsoft will no longer support Band Series devices

04 March 2019

Apps that support wearable devices will be stopped.

On May 31, the Microsoft giant will stop supporting apps that support wearable devices.

Recall that such gadgets were first introduced in 2014. This is both a watch and a fitness tracker. Only in April 2015, it was decided to abandon the new Microsoft Band devices.

С 31 мая Microsoft перестанет поддерживать устройства серии Band

The company's press service the day before said that since May 31, they would close the special site, as well as the cloud service that provided these devices. In addition, the program for Band devices on Google Play and App Store will not be available.

It is only known that those who actively used the devices between December 2018 and March 2019 (and if the statistics in the cloud service confirm it) will be able to receive compensation in the amount of $80 for Band-1 and $175 for Band-2.

According to some reports, 45 million such wearable devices were sold worldwide in 2018.