Lenovo patented a foldable smartphone with an unusual design

03 April 2019

Not so long ago, photos of Lenovo's new smartphone leaked onto the Internet. They show that the device is not bent in the middle, as users are used to seeing. It is also known that ZTE and Sharp are also working on a similar type of gadget.

Previously, Lenovo has already demonstrated prototypes of foldable devices. However, some time ago, the company filed a patent for a new bendable smartphone with an unusual design and the presence of another small display.

At the resource Letgodigital at the moment there is already a three-dimensional model of the new device based on the patent. According to some information, in a fully disclosed version, the smartphone has the usual width of the screen for gadgets. It is quite convenient to control with one hand.

Lenovo запатентовала складной смартфон с неординарной конструкцией

Lenovo smartphone does not fold in the middle, as most of the predecessor developments. This is quite a non-standard solution, with an additional screen appearing when folded.

At the moment, ZTE and Sharp are working on similar smartphone designs. The lights will also have an unconventional design.

The camera of the new device from Lenovo is single.

In the folded state the distance between the panels is large enough. At the same time it is possible to bend the screen in several places. As a result, it is possible to adjust the length of the gadget.