An unpleasant bug was found in Skype for Android

02 April 2019

Not good news for users of the mobile version of Skype on Android. More and more users are contacting the company's technical support with complaints about the application.

If you use Skype on your cell phone to communicate, you may notice that recently the messenger began to automatically receive incoming calls. Users are turning to Microsoft technical experts with a problem of this nature: all incoming calls Skype accepts without asking its owner. So far, complaints have been received from owners of devices running the Andriod operating system.

When exactly this problem arose, it is now difficult to understand. However, if we judge from customer complaints, they noticed the first cases of automatic answering of incoming calls back in January 2019. At the moment, there is no technique that prohibits Skype from receiving incoming calls.

В Skype на Android обнаружился неприятный баг

According to some reports, even if the user turns off the "Automatically answer incoming calls" feature, the messenger will still not stop doing it. Only the complete removal of the program from the device will help.

Microsoft technicians responded to the problem in the shortest possible time. They carried out the necessary work and released a beta version of Skype. In it, the unpleasant feature has been eliminated.

This version is still undergoing testing; however, if necessary, anyone can download it.

The company also noted that in the near future will be released a full version of Skype for Android. Microsoft has promised that there will be no bug with the automatic receipt of calls. In all likelihood, the updated program will be released in April.