"Huawei's subsidiary may displace MediaTek as chip leader

02 April 2019

We are talking about HiSilicon. In 2019, the company may replace MediaTek as the leader in chip production.

It is known that HiSilicon orders its products from TSMC.

HiSilicon is a subsidiary of Huawei. It develops microchips. In 2019, this Asian firm may become a chip leader. HiSilicon will displace Taiwanese company MediaTek from the first place.

This prediction is based on the Chinese company's plans, which include the production of a variety of devices for 5G, AI and IoT. Accordingly, Huawei is going to develop these areas.

According to some sources, the company expects to improve competitiveness with other companies. It is known that Huawei is introducing its own elemental base in next-generation servers and devices such as AI and IoT.

Note also that in 2018, HiSilicon's revenues were about $7.6 billion. These are extremely close to MediaTek's numbers. Their revenue is $7.8 billion. Some experts believe that the chances of HiSilicon beating MediaTek in 2019 are quite high.

In the second part of 2019, HiSilicon will already start producing 7 nm chips.