Lenovo recalls explosive batteries in its laptops

16 July 2018
Representatives of Lenovo have announced the imminent launch of a recall campaign on the batteries of some models of their laptops. The reason for this was discovered serious safety problems.According to the published information, when using some models of Lenovo laptops for a long time, there is a risk of a short circuit in the battery. This, in turn, could cause a fire or explosion. According to a preliminary estimate, 153,219 laptop batteries from December 2012 to November 2014 in China are affected by the problem. All Lenovo laptop owners are advised to check whether their device's battery is covered by the recall campaign. You can do this on the manufacturer's official website. If the battery needs to be replaced, Lenovo representatives recommend immediately disconnecting the laptop and removing the battery, using only the power supply to operate from the mains. It is worth adding that the recall campaign will start on August 31 this year. Lenovo will provide new batteries for free.