Microsoft may release a line of Android smartphones

16 July 2018
It is no secret that Microsoft's own mobile operating system has failed to achieve high popularity among users. But it seems that the company does not intend to leave the smartphone market. According to a Microsoft Store employee, the IT giant is working on a new line of gadgets running Android.A Microsoft employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said in correspondence with a user that the company's engineers are developing a new model of mobile device. There is no information about the gadget, but it is already known that the device will run Android. For many, such a step will be unexpected, because the company owns a competing mobile OS. Nevertheless, the release of a smartphone running the world's most popular operating system definitely makes sense. On the other hand, Microsoft has not yet officially announced any plans to release an Android-smartphone. So, the information received from an employee of Microsoft Store may well be wrong, or false.