Introduction of Site Isolation technology caused Chrome to consume more memory

13 July 2018
The very high memory consumption of Google Chrome is not only the subject of complaints from users, but also of many jokes on the Internet. It seems that the situation will not change for the better for some time. The fact is that the developers have implemented a new technology in the browser that has made the memory consumption even higher.It is worth to note that increasing the appetite of popular browser is not due to a whim of the developers. The point is that Google Chrome supports Site Isolation technology designed to protect user data from the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities. It works in the following way: the technology isolates the sites from each other, preventing one site from accessing data of the other. Naturally, this requires extra resources and this caused an increased use of RAM. It's worth adding that Site Isolation is not a new technology in and of itself. It first appeared with Chrome 63. However, back then users had to manually activate it. Now, with the release of the Google Chrome 67 update, the feature is initially enabled for everyone.