Lenovo bought out Fujitsu's PC division

03 November 2017
Many people have probably heard that Fujitsu and Lenovo are negotiating a joint venture. The corresponding agreement should have been signed by March 2017, but apparently for some reason this did not happen. Nevertheless, Fujitsu executives recently announced that an agreement would be reached before Labor Appreciation Day, which is celebrated in Japan on November 23. As promised, the companies announced a corresponding agreement, even earlier than expected. As part of the joint venture agreement, China's Lenovo will receive 51% of Fujitsu Client Computing Limited, Japan's Fujitsu personal computer business. Another 5% will be sold to the Development Bank of Japan Inc. Under the agreement the Japanese company will get about 28 billion yen, which is about $245 million. In addition, the new joint venture will produce and promote products under the brand Fujitsu - client systems for the Japanese market, and for the world - corporate PCs. The new joint venture has every chance to succeed. Fujitsu has considerable experience in designing computing systems, and will also provide state-of-the-art production facilities, while Lenovo can guarantee global sales. In addition, the Development Bank of Japan will take care of the financial flows of the enterprise. The deal and all related transactions will be completed as early as the first quarter of 2018. Time will tell how close to reality the expectations of company representatives regarding this merger are.