Logitech introduced a mouse pad with wireless charging function

13 June 2017
Surely many people are familiar with the problem of wireless mouse discharge at the most inopportune moment. It's particularly acute for gamers, who can easily ruin a match for themselves and their teammates by having their mouse die. Thanks to Logitech, you can soon forget about these difficulties.The fact is that Logitech introduced a new mouse pad that supports Powerplay technology. This means that there will soon be mousepads on the market that can charge the mouse while you work, without any wires. There are, however, some disadvantages. A mouse pad has to be connected to the mains and the list of mice that support wireless charging is still too short. To begin with, only G903 and G703 wireless mice will be able to charge wirelessly. The first of them - the improved model G900, which will cost about $ 150. The second mouse is almost the same as G403 and will cost about $100. Both mice will be on sale by the end of this month. As for mousepads with wireless charging function, the first device in the lineup, called Logitech G Powerplay, will cost about $100. Its dimensions will be 275 x 320 mm and the mouse will be able to charge anywhere in it. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not plan to equip the device with recharging smartphones. The novelty will be on the market by the end of the summer - in August this year.