The new Xbox One X game console will be released in late fall of this year

13 June 2017
Many people have probably heard that Microsoft is working on a new gaming console with 4K resolution. The gadget has long been known under the codename "Project Scorpio" and has managed to cover a lot of rumors. Now, at the press conference, held at the E3 exhibition, Microsoft representatives told about the long-awaited console, called Xbox One X.First of all, we should note that the device, as promised, will support 4K resolution. Of course, for this new Xbox will need powerful stuffing. According to the manufacturer's estimates, the new gaming console will surpass the Xbox One S in performance 4.3 times. In addition, the graphics performance of the device will reach 6 Tflops thanks to the GPU with 40 Radeon processing units, running at 1172 MHz. In addition, the manufacturers decided to abandon the use of DDR4 SDRAM. Instead, the Xbox One X will get high-frequency GDDR5 SDRAM memory with a 384-bit bus, with a capacity of 12GB. Thus, the memory subsystem's bandwidth will reach 326 GB/s. For all its power, the Xbox One X has a small size: 300 x 240 x 60 mm. This means that it has become 2% smaller than its predecessor, dropping 5 mm of thickness. The novelty will arrive on the world market on November 7 this year. This, of course, is not yet very soon, but those who want to make yourself or loved ones a nice gift for the New Year holidays can already start saving. Xbox One X price will be $499. In Russia, for this game console will have to pay 39,990 rubles. Whether the new product from Microsoft will meet the expectations of users, we will know at the end of the fall.