Contrary to user expectations, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not get a fingerprint scanner built into the display

09 June 2017
It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 gadget will repeat the fate of the Galaxy Note 8 - a device that failed to meet customer expectations. The fact is that these devices were supposed to get a fingerprint scanner built into the screen, but the manufacturer in both cases has changed its decision.Despite the fact that the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected only in the fall, some information about the new phablet has already appeared on the network. Korean online edition Naver, citing a representative of Samsung, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the fingerprint scanner integrated into the screen is not expected. It is reported that the company did plan to equip the new gadget with this option, but, nevertheless, was forced to change its decision. As stated by an anonymous source, the reason for this was a number of technical limitations, including - the security issue. We can only hope that this disappointment will remain the only one in relation to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and other reasons to criticize the gadget after its release will not be found.