Maps.Me has got ready-made routes in the largest cities of the world

10 April 2018
One of the most popular mapping services - Maps.Me, now owned by Mail.Ru Group, announced the launch of a new feature for travelers and tourists. Now, users can download ready-made routes in the largest cities of the world.By downloading the routes, users can not only better orient themselves in an unfamiliar city, but also see the most beautiful places and famous attractions, parks, museums and much more. At the same time, they can be used without Internet access, which is especially useful for international travel. In total, the program currently has available routes in 29 cities: Shanghai, Seoul, Bangkok, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Miami, Antalya, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Pistoia, Guangzhou, Ohrid, Rome, Paris, Pattaya, Macau, Portland, Phuket, Singapore, New York, Taipei, Dubai, Merida and Shenzhen. For almost each of them, you can choose the most suitable option for walking - through the central part, or through the outskirts. To try out the new feature, you need to install the Maps.Me application on your Android or iOS-gadget, and then download a route through the city of interest from the official website of the service.