VKontakte launched neural network-based sticker prompts in test mode

10 April 2018
The development team of the social network VKontakte is preparing a curious surprise for users. Soon, the social network will suggest appropriate stickers.The new feature will be based on neural networks. For example, if a user puts a tick "Like" to a particular post, the social network will offer to leave a sticker. In this case, when choosing a sticker, both the content of the record and the user's previous actions will be taken into account. It is interesting that in Brazil, the average daily audience of VKontakte exceeds 150 thousand users. At the same time, according to the director of growth and research of VKontakte - Andrew Law, Brazilians have managed to fall in love with stickers and often use them to express their emotions. Therefore, it was decided to test the function of sticker tips in Brazil, and only then make it available worldwide. When neural networks will start offering the most appropriate stickers to Russian users, we can only guess.