Microsoft stripped Windows 7 of antivirus

14 December 2019

In its time, Windows 7 became very popular. It managed to surpass Windows XP (and rehabilitate Microsoft after Windows Vista). No wonder users remain loyal to it.

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Windows 7 is almost 10 years old. Yet the platform is still in demand. The system is installed on millions of computers. People don't want to upgrade to the current Windows 10.

However, Microsoft has come up with a reason to upgrade. First, official support for the OS will end on January 14, 2020. We can forget about new updates. No one will close the vulnerabilities (for free).

Second, the company will remove Microsoft Security Essentials. This is the built-in antivirus software. Many people are satisfied with it and do not install any third party programs.

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Microsoft Security Essentials will shut down at the specified time. The said will make Windows 7 defenseless. It will be able to be attacked by any "malware". How to avoid problems?

Purchase Windows 10. Microsoft is pushing you to do this. Or download one of the free antivirus. Such utilities, according to tests, are not inferior to Microsoft Security Essentials.

Alas, with security patches the story is more complicated. What to replace them with is unknown.