Microsoft will block Skype, Xbox and Office accounts for swearing

29 March 2018
It seems that many users may soon lose their accounts for a number of Microsoft products and services. The fact is that the IT giant has updated the agreement on the use of its services, including the addition of a ban on the use of foul language. Recall that previously, the "rules of conduct" section banned the distribution of pornography, violent scenes, and other inappropriate materials. Now, the list of violations will be expanded. Soon it will include threats, use of offensive language and aggressive speech, and the penalties for violations of these rules are very serious. So, for the use of abusive language, the user risks losing access to their Skype account, Microsoft Office package, Outlook mail, as well as funds in the account and subscription to Xbox Live Gold. It is worth adding that the new rules will come into force on May 1, 2018. So all those who may be at risk can still get in the habit of expressing their thoughts more accurately, or pour out their souls and wait for the inevitable blocking.