Microsoft finally starts fixing performance issues in games in Windows 10 Creators Update

12 September 2017
The number of Windows 10 installations continues to grow steadily. Among others who want to try the latest operating system from Microsoft there are many gamers, attracted by the latest DirectX 12, which has support only "10". Nevertheless, they have not been able to fully enjoy their favorite games and encountered unexpected performance issues after the release of Windows 10 Creators Update. Till now Microsoft hasn't been able to fix the situation and only accumulated users' complaints, but now it seems that the company specialists have finally found the source of the problems.Recall that since the beginning of April this year, gamers have been complaining about FPS slumps in many games, such as Overwatch, Battlefield 1 and Rocket League. Despite the lack of official responses or instructions from Microsoft, users found a way to partially fix the situation. In some cases, all you had to do was to turn off the Xbox Game DVR feature. Finally, Microsoft representatives announced that they found "a number of problems" which caused the FPS drop in the games. Moreover, it has already announced a fix for one of them. The company's experts offer everyone to install the latest insider build of Windows 10 to see for themselves. Those who are not ready to install a test version of the operating system, which may contain more various bugs, will have to wait for the next global update - Fall Creators Update, which will be released in October.