Microsoft announced the acquisition of GitHub

05 June 2018
Rumors about the possible sale of a service for hosting IT projects and collaborative development, GitHub, have been circulating since the beginning of the month. Finally, Microsoft officially confirmed this information, announcing the agreement reached.It was expected that the amount of the deal could exceed 5 billion dollars. And so it turned out: GitHub was valued at one and a half times the price. Thus, Microsoft will have to pay $7.5 billion. Under the terms of the agreement, the amount will be paid in shares of the IT-giant. If the relevant authorities approve the deal, the latter will be closed by the end of the calendar year. It is reported that nothing will change for the users. The platform will continue to work independently and as usual. The changes will mainly affect only the management team. General Director of GifHub after the merger of companies will be vice president of Microsoft Nat Friedman (Nat Friedman), and the current CEO Chris Wanstrath (Chris Wanstrath) will become a technical specialist at Microsoft.