iOS 12 mobile operating system officially launched

05 June 2018
The Apple WWDC 2018 conference kicked off in San Jose. Among other things, the company presented a new version of its operating system, iOS 12.As promised earlier, the new version of the mobile operating system did not receive any major innovations. On the other hand, the developers promised significant performance improvements, including accelerated application launches up to 40%, on-screen keyboard up to 50% and camera up to 70%. At the same time, iOS 12 will be available on all devices supporting version 11 of the operating system, which will significantly "revive" outdated models of smartphones. A lot of attention at the presentation was paid to augmented reality technology and the new engine ARKit 2, and was presented a new file format USDZ for 3D-objects, developed in collaboration with Pixar. It is reported that it is already supported by a large number of applications and services, including the products of Adobe and Autodesk.A lot of attention was paid to the new type of Animoji, called Memoji. They differ from the old animated emoji by the fact that instead of animals and talking poo used personalized images created based on the appearance of the user. It is also worth noting the introduction of Siri Shortcuts, which will help to perform certain actions in the necessary applications with the voice assistant even faster. In general, iOS 12 has received a number of pleasant improvements, which everyone will be able to read after the official release of the operating system, which is scheduled for autumn of this year. As for the developers, they can try the new OS right now.