Microsoft offers a new way to authenticate without a password

20 April 2017
Surely, many smartphone owners have already tried Microsoft Authenticator for authorization in various services of the company. Previously, the application generated one-time passwords, which had to be entered on the new device to confirm the identity. Now, the developers from the Redmond company have introduced a completely new way of authentication.Microsoft Authenticator mobile app has received another update, in which the developers have introduced the function of authentication in the Microsoft account without entering a password. Now, all you need to do is enter your username, and then the smartphone with the installed authenticator will receive the appropriate notification. User will only have to touch the screen of their gadget to approve the login to the PC. Of course, the user can also deny access to their account, if the notification was received for no apparent reason. According to Microsoft representatives, this method is safer and easier than the standard two-factor authentication. It is worth adding that the company is not going to impose the new features and will leave the user to choose a more convenient authorization option in the system.