Microsoft makes another attempt to keep users on Edge

14 September 2018
Microsoft's Internet Explorer was once the hero of jokes and for many it was just a tool for downloading other browsers. Its descendant, Edge, has undeservedly acquired the corresponding reputation. In this regard, Microsoft is trying by all means to attract the attention of users to its product and convince them not to use third-party browsers. Another attempt to do so was found in the latest insider build of Windows 10.Users involved in testing the upcoming operating system update paid attention to the notification that appears when trying to install a third-party browser. After launching the installer, a window appears on the computer screen with the following text: "You already have Microsoft Edge - the safest and fastest browser for Windows 10." Next, the user is prompted to run Edge, or continue with the installation. Of course, such warnings can be disabled through the settings. In addition, as it turns out, Microsoft is still only testing this feature and monitoring the reaction of users. In the final version of the October update, the aforementioned notification may not be present.