Huawei will release a flexible smartphone within a year

14 September 2018
It is no secret that Samsung and Huawei are actively competing for the title of the company that released the world's first flexible smartphone. And because, according to the resource Korea Herald, the Korean giant was not ready to present a revolutionary product in November, it is likely that in the race for this technology there is a new favorite.The head of Huawei consumer division - Richard Yu, during an interview for the German newspaper Die Welt, confirmed that the company plans to release its own flexible smartphone within the year. At the same time, he shared far-reaching plans for this technology. According to Richard Yu, many people continue to use personal computers just because the display of their smartphones is too small, but Huawei plans to change this, with bendable screens for mobile gadgets. Recall that Samsung earlier promised to present the first flexible smartphone in November this year. However, according to the publication Korea Herald, work on the gadget is still going on. Accordingly, at the upcoming conference the Korean giant can only share more information about the technical characteristics of the device. Unfortunately, representatives of Huawei did not give more precise dates for the announcement of the flexible smartphone, limiting the wording of "within a year". We can hope that, at best, the device will be presented in the middle of next year. On the other hand, there is some possibility that the novelty from Samsung will debut at MWC 2019. Who will be the winner of this technological race, time will tell. We can only hope that the rush in an attempt to overtake the competitor will not affect the quality of the long-awaited devices.