Google decided to close the experimental email client Inbox

13 September 2018
The search giant Google announced its intention to close its next service. This time, users will have to say goodbye to the experimental mail client Inbox.Recall that Inbox was created back in 2014. Since then, the mail client worked on the basis of Gmail and provided users with many unique opportunities when working with e-mail, as it was a place for developers to conduct experiments. According to company representatives, they have now figured out how to make the email service better and will use this experience in Gmail. At the same time, the search giant no longer sees the need for support for Inbox. A small consolation for those who are used to using Inbox will be the fact that part of the functions of this mail client will be implemented in Gmail. Continue to use the service until March 2019, after which it will be unavailable to users. And for a more convenient transition from Inbox to Gmail, Google specialists have compiled a detailed instruction, which can be read by everyone on a special page of the company's help forum.