Microsoft accidentally released a Windows 10 update that disrupts devices

06 June 2017
Not too long ago, an event occurred that is sure to cause many Windows 10 insider participants to give up on further testing of the OS's new features. As a result of an unfortunate mistake, unsuspecting users gained access to build number 16212, intended for internal testing. As a result, owners of PCs may have encountered minor difficulties, while mobile devices running Windows 10 completely lost functionality. It is reported that after installing this build, mobile gadgets went into an endless cycle of reboots. Thus, operating such devices is out of the question. The only way to restore such a gadget is to perform a reset using Windows Device Recovery Tool. As for PC users, they got off relatively easy. According to Microsoft representatives, this build will not cause them any more problems than usual insider builds. Nevertheless, in her Twitter-account, Dona Sarkar urged users not to install any Windows 10 updates until more information appears.It is worth adding that Microsoft representatives recommend those affected by this problem to wait for the release of a new, corrected build or to roll back to the previous version. For those whose gadgets have already downloaded build 16212 but have not yet been installed, it is recommended to change the year on the device to 2050. In this case, the installation of the update will be cancelled. And for those who find the download of the unfortunate update, it is recommended to simply disable Internet access on the gadget.