Microsoft Translator has a translation feature without Internet access

20 April 2018
Microsoft has released another update of its mobile translator. Now, it has become much more convenient to use the program, especially when traveling.Recall that back in 2016, the company introduced artificial intelligence technology in its translator. Due to the large amount of resources required, the AI could only be used online. However, already in the second half of 2017, a number of Android smartphones with special chips were able to work with the translator without Internet access. Now, a similar possibility has become available to everyone. The fact is that Microsoft has released special language offline packages that provide translation with the help of AI even on gadgets with far from the most advanced stuffing. All Microsoft Translator users can install them, regardless of the platform used - Android or iOS. Interestingly, the innovation not only improved translation quality, but also allowed to halve the size of the language packages. It is worth adding that at the moment, offline packages are available only for the most popular languages, but in the near future, the company plans to expand their number. Everyone who wants to try the innovation is recommended to install the current version of Microsoft Translator for Android or iOS and watch for updates.