Microsoft is taking its antivirus seriously to keep up with the competition

03 July 2017
The main focus of the developers remove the reconstruction of Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) technology in Windows Defender, as a result of which it will be better integrated into the system and gain centralized management features, which, in turn, will ensure ease of use. Next, the plan is to extend ATP protection to computers running Windows Server, and equip it with a set of new tools, which Microsoft describes as an "innovative approach" to threat detection. These tools will include Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which adds to Windows 10 technology Enhanced Miti It is designed to protect a variety of applications, mainly the browser, which is most often exposed to threats from outside. Application Guard is designed to block and isolate potential threats in a timely manner before they manage to leak to the local network and other user devices. It's essentially an extra layer of protection, in addition to traditional methods like antivirus. Microsoft specifically notes that Windows Defender ATP will use a smart cloud system and machine learning engine that should improve detection accuracy and prevention. Cloud technology is also employed in Windows Defender Antivirus to provide more security. Will Microsoft be able to match other, more established, third party antivirus solutions, which tend to be superior in their effectiveness