Moscow won an international award for the development of electronic services

03 July 2017
According to the information provided, the number of services provided to city residents in electronic form has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years. During this period their number has increased almost 14 times. Today electronic services are used almost by every second Muscovite, and to be exact the number of users is more than 5.8 million. This year the General Assembly of WeGO was held in Russia for the first time. The participants were received by the city of Ulyanovsk. It was attended by the mayors of various cities and heads of the largest companies working in the field of information technology. All of them present innovative achievements in the field of electronic management. This year's Assembly has already been the fourth in a row. Before it was held in Seoul, Barcelona and Chengdu. The Assembly includes cities whose governments are somehow or other interested in the development of electronic services. The Russian capital was among the participants in 2015.