Microsoft is thinking about buying a number of well-known gaming giants

31 January 2018
Recently, rumors about possible acquisitions are in the news of the gaming industry almost more often than the announcement of any interesting new products. In most cases, they feature Microsoft. And it is not surprising, because the console brand of the IT-giant is experiencing not the best of times. This is contributed by a small number of exclusive games and, as a result, a relatively low popularity among users and potential customers. This situation is not good for the company and according to rumors, Microsoft is already looking for a very interesting way to solve it. According to the information published by Polygon, citing a "reliable source" close to Microsoft, Redmond giant is considering the possibility of buying Electronic Arts. At first glance, it seems unlikely. However, according to David Cole, owner of the analytics company DFC Intelligence, Microsoft is probably already considering it. And if we take into account the IT giant's cash reserve of about $130 billion from tax cuts, which is more than enough to buy Electronic Arts, whose market capitalization is only $35 billion, the possibility of a deal does not seem so unlikely.If we believe the rumors, Microsoft is also considering buying Valve and PUBG Corp. In the case of the latter company, the Redmond giant already has a deal for the temporary exclusivity of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for Xbox One. As for Valve, the acquisition of this giant will help Microsoft integrate Xbox Live services into Steam and greatly increase the number of users of its own Xbox platform. In addition, it will help direct the efforts of Valve from the support and development of Steam on the development of new games. Perhaps even start working on Half Life 3.It is interesting that Microsoft recently accused Valve that the updated Age of Empires game will not be available on Steam. According to the company, this is due to the lack of support for Xbox Live, which will be used in AoE: Definitive Edition on Gabe Newell's service. There is a possibility that the problem of lack of networking between users who have bought the game on Steam and the Windows Store can be solved in a very radical way - the purchase of Valve. Despite the fact that any confirmation of these rumors has not been, Just van Droynen - general director of analyst firm SuperData Research, expressed confidence that the official announcement of Microsoft will happen very soon.