Using WhatsApp while driving has become even more convenient

30 January 2018
Most of us can no longer imagine life without messengers. They have become reliable assistants both in communicating with friends and in business. Popular messengers are used almost everywhere these days: at home, at work, on the PC or smartphone, but communication while driving a car has remained insecure and, therefore, not as widespread. At least until the latest innovation of WhatsApp.In the latest update of the messenger, the developers have introduced support for the Apple CarPlay in-car platform. This will allow the driver to receive push notifications without distracting from driving the vehicle. In addition, the user will be able to listen to incoming messages and respond to them with Siri. All WhatsApp users on iPhone gadgets can try out the innovation. To do this, you need to update the messenger to version 2.18.2 and connect to CarPlay. WhatsApp icon, which will also show the number of unread messages, will automatically appear in the interface of the car system. It is worth noting that WhatsApp was the first third-party messenger to receive support for CarPlay. This is due to the strict control by Apple. This was also the reason for the limited functionality of the application. We can only hope that other messengers will soon please users with the introduction of CarPlay support.