Windows 10 Mobile will no longer receive new test builds

30 January 2018
It seems that Microsoft is almost ready to hammer the last nail in the coffin of its mobile platform Windows 10 Mobile. Apparently, the process has been running for quite some time, but the company prefers to act in stages and not to "kill" the mobile OS all at once. The new victim has already been named and it is an insider program for Windows 10 Mobile.Brandon LeBlanc, one of Microsoft managers, shared the relevant information in his Twitter-account. According to him, there will be no more test builds of mobile Windows 10.Recall that Microsoft has previously stated that Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will be the last major update for mobile "10" and that work on new features for this platform is stopped. And if before the company released cumulative update packages, now users of mobile devices running Windows 10 Mobile can only hope to receive security updates.