Microsoft patented a foldable gadget that can be used as both a smartphone and a tablet

17 January 2017
According to information published recently by the U.S. Patent Office, Microsoft has received a patent for another gadget, which, unlike many other patented devices of the company, may well see the light.The patented device can solve the problem of choice for many potential customers seeking to buy a small smartphone for easy calls, or a tablet large enough to comfortably watch videos. The thing is that thanks to its design, the gadget can quickly fold up and down, turning from smartphone to tablet and back in a matter of seconds. It is known that the device, according to the idea of the creators, should consist of 2 or 3 segments, which in the unfolded state will turn the device into a tablet. The segments themselves will be attached to each other by hinges, which will fix the gadget in the right position: not only in the folded or unfolded, but also in suitable for reading mode book or pyramid. It will be possible to use the device in any position, thanks to the flexible display. It is also expected that when you change mode, the gadget will switch between mobile and desktop version of Windows 10.Of course, not all of Microsoft's patented gadgets have gone into production. However, in this case, the situation is likely to be different: the fact is that the author of the patent application is the notorious Kabir Siddiqui, who previously patented such components of the Surface Studio tablet as a stand and angular camera. It is still difficult to judge whether the patented Surface Phone gadget will turn out and, moreover, whether it will see the light of day. All that remains now is to wait for new details or announcements from Microsoft.