Roskomnadzor announced that the technology to block websites in Russia is about to change

17 January 2017
According to the Izvestia newspaper, Roskomnadzor is planning to change the technology for blocking websites. This will help protect law-abiding resources that end up at the same address as sites of violators.As many have already noticed, periodically, when sites with illegal content are blocked, access to other sites that are not on the blacklist is also blocked. This was the case with the Yandex website blocked in 2013 and in 2014. As Alexey Korolyuk, head of domain registrar, explained, one IP address can have up to 1,000 domains at a time, which means that when one site is blocked by IP, access can be denied to many more resources. This is the problem Roskomnadzor plans to solve by changing the blocking technology. After the amendments to the law "On Information, Information Technology and Information Protection", telecom operators will no longer be able to determine the method of restricting access to certain sites on their own. It is expected that after the entry into force of the changes method of blocking for each resource included in the blacklist will be defined directly by Roskomnadzor itself on an individual basis. Thus it will be possible to work out a single mechanism of actions for all operators and secure law-abiding resources located on the same IP-address as sites containing illegal content.