The social network LinkedIn may return to Russia

18 January 2017
As many of you probably remember, last year the social network LinkedIn was blocked in Russia for failing to comply with the requirements for localizing personal data of Russians. It seems that the social network may return to our country.The corresponding statement was made by Allen Blue, Vice President of LinkedIn. According to him, the company intends to work closely with the Russian government. At the same time, there is no progress to report yet and the representative of the American company refused to discuss the specifics of the negotiations at this stage. Recall that the intention to block LinkedIn in Russia became known back in late October last year. The reason for blocking it was failure to comply with the requirements for transferring personal data of Russians to servers located on the territory of our country. Already on November 10, the Moscow City Court upheld the claim of Roskomnadzor and from November 17, 2016 the social network was added to the register of violators, after which it became unavailable throughout Russia. It is also worth adding that the official applications of the social network were removed from the Russian app stores for Android and iOS at the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately, we cannot yet give an approximate timeline for LinkedIn's return to Russia. All that remains for now is to follow further developments.