Microsoft says it intends to release two global updates of Windows 10 and Office per year

21 April 2017
Microsoft has announced its intention to release global updates for Windows 10 and Office twice a year. This means that the implementation of new features will not only happen even more often, but also on an already set schedule.From the official statement of Microsoft representatives, it follows that the corresponding updates will be released every year in March and September. As it is easy to guess, this also means that the release of Windows 10 "Redstone 3" will take place in early fall of this year. At the same time System Center Configuration Manager will be adapted to the new update model, which will simplify the maintenance of Windows and Office versions for IT-specialists and employees of various companies. It is worth adding that Microsoft has also approved the term of official support for such updates: it will be 18 months. It is not surprising, because support is deprived not only the outdated operating systems. For example, the first released version of Windows 10 will lose official support in the next month.