VKontakte mobile apps received a global update

27 September 2017
The developers of the social network VKontakte regularly introduce more and more interesting features in their creation. This time, they presented an update of the official mobile applications, which became the most global in the past few years and changed the social network beyond recognition. Perhaps one of the most notable changes was the return of the bottom menu. Recall that the bar at the bottom of the screen disappeared from VKontakte applications back in 2012, but now the developers decided to return to the long-forgotten menu option. For easy access to the most popular sections, on the bottom menu there are five tabs - News, Search and Recommendations, Messages and Notifications, and on the fifth tab everything else will be located. In addition, the Search has been improved. Now, it is more universal and allows you to quickly find the desired profile, community or wall entry. On the same screen will be located and recommendations, which will greatly facilitate access to the most interesting things in the social network. It is reported that the algorithm of recommendations is based on user preferences and provides a personal selection closest to the interests of everyone.Not overlooked is the Answers section, which in the new version of the application VKontakte turned into a notification center. This means that in one place will be collected not only existing notifications, but also requests for friends, mentions in conversations, information about upcoming birthdays, as well as new records of friends and communities to which the user is subscribed. According to the developers, the new notifications have become not only customizable, but also trainable. For example, it helps to configure notifications only about likes from certain people, and a special algorithm will determine who from a list of friends is especially important for the user. Small but pleasant changes were made to the news section. View counter is now displayed in the newsfeed at the bottom right corner of the post, the "likes" are now red and more noticeable, and to share a photo or create a Story, you just swipe to the right. Of course, this is not all the changes to the mobile applications of the popular social network. To get acquainted with them, everyone can independently, which requires only to install the current version of VKontakte for Android or iOS.