Sales of a smart jacket capable of controlling other gadgets via Bluetooth have started

27 September 2017
More and more smart gadgets come out with enviable regularity, and not many people can be surprised by them anymore. Nevertheless, it seems that Google and Levi's have succeeded. A smart jacket went on sale.The new smart gadget was named Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket. Its main feature was the ability to control other gadgets. To do this, the rivet of one of the cuffs placed "control center", and the fabric in this place has a built-in sensor. It is known that such an unusual wearable gadget uses Bluetooth to control other devices.It is worth adding that the jacket has gesture control support. But this does not mean that intricate figures and symbols will have to be drawn on the buttons. Instead, special sensors in the sleeve will recognize gestures on the fabric, allowing you to easily control playback in players, receive and reject calls, and more. And for easy notification, the rivet has an LED indicator and provides vibration feedback. The Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket was announced back at last week's Google I/O conference. And Jacquard technology, which made the creation of a smart jacket possible, was introduced in June 2015. Recall that it involves the use of conductive fibers, which makes it possible to create sensory clothing. Interestingly, the conductive threads are not afraid of moisture, so the jacket can be washed in the usual way. The start of sales began today - September 27, but only at some retailers. Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket is expected to be available for purchase next week at the manufacturer's online store, as well as at other retailers. It is worth adding that the regular version of this jacket costs about $150, and its smart version will cost the buyer $350.