Mozilla has improved its mobile browsers

26 September 2017
Pleasant news for users of browsers from Mozilla. Two mobile browsers of the company got new features at once.The first of them is Firefox for iOS. The update to version 9.0 brings not only support for the latest iOS 11, but also important security improvements. Finally, the browser has gained anti-tracking protection. This innovation also allows ads and other unwanted content to be blocked automatically when you enter incognito mode, or after activating the corresponding option in the settings. It is reported that the function, which has been available for quite some time in versions of the program for Android, Windows, mac OS and Linux, has reached iOS only now, because Apple's previous conditions for browser developers did not allow the introduction of such tools. As for the second mobile browser, improved by Mozilla, it was Firefox Focus for Android. Touching him the innovation can not be called particularly important, but in its relevance is not to doubt. We are talking about the introduction of support for working with tabs. It is difficult to imagine a modern browser that does not have this feature, so its appearance in Firefox Focus, perhaps, was a matter of time. Everyone can try the innovation. To do this, just download to your gadget the current version of Moailla Firefox for iOS or Firefox Focus for Android.