The macOS High Sierra operating system from Apple was released

26 September 2017
Apple developers have finally released the final version of the expected desktop operating system, called macOS High Sierra. The new operating system is already available as a free update and for download from Mac App Store. It is reported that the new operating system has become even more stable, safer and faster. In many ways, this is due to the introduction of a new file system - Apple File System (APFS), which will now be used by default for Mac. Nevertheless, High Sierra provides compatibility with disks formatted in HFS, for reading and writing.The operating system also received a number of less global, but still pleasant innovations. For example, the Safari browser has been updated with Intelligent Tracking Prevention. It uses machine learning technology to help find and delete data that can be used by advertisers to track user activity on the web. In turn, along with a new feature to block automatic video on pages, it has a positive impact on page loading speeds. Also worth noting is the introduction of Metal 2 graphics technology, which serves speech recognition, natural language processing and computer vision, while taking advantage of machine learning. Combined with Thunderbolt 3, the novelty will help lucky Mac owners to use external graphics gas pedals. For fans of virtual reality there is also a pleasant surprise. However, it will be implemented a little later. The fact that before the end of this year, support for importing, exporting and editing spherical video in Final Cut Pro X is introduced, and the company Valve optimizes its own virtual reality platform - SteamVR, for the OS from Apple. This means that Mac owners will be able to use HTC Vive headsets. In addition, it is expected that VR content development tools from Unity and Epic will be set up for macOS. High Sierra boasts a lot of other interesting innovations, which every Mac owner can personally familiarize with.